IDEF 2021: Asisguard displays SONGAR, first national armed drone system

  IDEF 2021:  Asisguard displays SONGAR, first national armed drone system
163     13:42     19 08 2021    
At IDEF 2021, Asisguard displays its SONGAR UAV, first national armed drone system, equipped with TOGAN 81 mm smart mortar ammunition.

Launched for the first time at IDEF’19, Songar is undergoing continuous improvement through intensive efforts. It has achieved further success in field tests after the integration of a grenade launcher in place of the machine gun, and its firing precision has been significantly improved with the inclusion of an “Electronic Sight and Ballistic Calculation Module”, specially designed by ASİSGUARD. National and international patent applications have been made for Songar's unique stabilisation system.

Asisguard now integrated the TOGAN 81 mm smart mortar ammunition developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE into the SONGAR drone.

SONGAR is a Turkish drone system solution capable of performing real-time image transmission within a radius of 10 km. When TOGAN ammunition, which has a CEP of 10 meters and a lethal radius of 35 meters, is used with SONGAR; It is critical to cost-effectively and safely neutralizing dangerous targets from a distance.

General specifications:

- Effective control mechanism

- Local security and close air support

- Effective radius of operation

- Dynamic fire algorithm

- Easy ammunition load fot-r mission continuity and ease of operation

- Single ammunition hold drop mechanism

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